This is a wonderful story about a very resourceful mouse orphaned at a very early age when his father and mother failed to return after a day of hunting for food. Matthew is twice blessed. He is found by Father Michael after spending only one night alone, and then taken to live at the country church on the hill. The church gives Matthew a safe place to live and grow with confidence. He learns to find food to eat, as well as enjoy treats he receives from Father Michael, and also collect trinkets for his cozy home.

While living at the church, Matthew enjoys listening to the Sunday morning sermons given by Father Michael. Matthew's faith grows and he never fails to say his grace before meals and prayers before he turns in at night. Because his faith in God is strong, and the lessons he learns from Father Michael are very important to him, he is able to share these lessons with his cousins Missy and Aaron when they are found fighting over a spool of thread. Matthew's life is not completely perfect. There is one thing that frightens him and that is Christian, the big mean cat, who also lives at the church.

Matthew's fear of Christian comes to an end, when found face to face with him, Matthew prays for courage and protection. Christian's true personality is exposed, and his and Matthew become very good friends.

Children will love the beautifully illustrated story of Matthew, his cousins Missy and Aaron, and Christian the cat.

Matthew Mouse by Iris Calaci

Illustrated by David Gonzalez, Jr.

ISBN #1-928681-07-7
Hardback Picture Book: $6.95 plus S/H

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