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My Story

In 2016 I re-evaluated my status as an entrepreneur. I have been self-employed for over 30 years. In 1985, I took a 26-week severance package from Penn Mutual Life Insurance after being there for 16 years. My first position was an Underwriting Clerk. I spent 7 hours 20 minutes counting 15 pieces a paper, called "Flimsies", and placing them in piles to be taken to a small print shop. This print shop had old fashion printing machines that captured the policyholder's personal and insurance information. These were the days before desktop and personal computers.

At the time I left Penn Mutual, I had elevated to the position of Jr. Business Analyst specializing in data processing projects. I had been trained to program in PL/1 code. My last project as a project leader liaison was working between our Insurance Agency in Wilmington, Delaware and a mini-frame computer service provider located in Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania. This project sparked my love for consulting.

In 1985, I founded Direct Konnections, Inc. and start a 15-year journey in self-education. I signed on with Best Software Company who originally was Abra! Software. I programmed, installed and trained Human Resource and Payroll department personnel in the use of the HR Benefits and Payroll software. My travels took me north to Manhattan, West Chester, Binghamton, East Hampton, and Amityville, in New York. I flew out to Wells, West Virginia, and took the train to Washington, DC. I traveled throughout New Jersey, Trenton, Parsippany, East Orange, Jersey City, Atlantic City and Newark. I enjoyed my years on the road meeting and servicing my various clients.

While conducting my Computer Consulting services, I founded Gladstone Publishing Services in 1998and started on a journey in learning the ins and outs of publishing. In addition to honing my gift of writing, I learned how to be a publisher, editor, graphic designer, web designer, and public speaker.

In 2009, I focused on working with first-time writers to help them get published and also self-publish their books. I became their technical production team. I took them through the process and set them on the journey from the conception of the idea of their story, writing the story, formatting and preparing the manuscript for the printer, and publishing the book.

In 2015, I began a new leg of my journey as a Publishing Consultant and took on the brand, One Smart Lady. In 2008, I was fortunate to marry Willie Smart and took on his name. One Smart Lady Productions became the center of everything I did. I was determined to learn about marketing and hosting writer's retreats.

Even though during the past 19 years I have helped over 40 books get published, I recognized, for my clients, something was missing. In 2016, I found the right organization that met my needs to learn all that I need to know about Social Media Marketing. I am part of an affiliate marketing program which teaches entrepreneurs how to build their presence online; learning systems that work. This landing page and the different resources listed left and right are the results of this awesome training.

I invite you to visit each link and follow me as I continue my journey. I also invite you to sign up and join me in organizing and building your own online presence. You may have one, but is it well-organized and compact? The Entreprenuer Training Club has training step-by-step systems that work.


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