Markeeta Denise Foster

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Captured Essence of Markeeta Denise Foster

Markeeta Denise Foster was born and raised in Camden, New Jersey and educated in the Camden School system. I attended Camden County College and the University of Phoenix. She has studied criminal justice, defensive tactics for law enforcement, business administration, mortgages and real estate. Actively working, in just about all of them searching and contemplating my place in the time and space continuum. She also worked retail as a store manager for 13 years. Thinking this is it. Through it all, Markeeta kept a pen and pad, writing and reciting, just to see and hear others opinions.

Finally Markeeta realized her talent, and her gift was not what she had studied, nor chose to do. It is what she discovered. It was in place all along. She never dreamed, not for one minute that she would be able to write something and it be welcomed with opened arms. After over 40 years of being a part of this world, she finally accepted the gifts she had been given.

“Much of what I write is who I am, what I have done, and how I feel. It has been determined by my past, the memories of painful experiences and harmful early influences. The memories that haunted me, causing some negative actions and reactions. However, those memories have put me where I am today. There is plenty of good, stemming from the past. Some things I have to learn as if I never knew. Therefore, here I am, Markeeta Denise Foster, unbalanced, unconcealed and at the same time ready for the world.”


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